About Me

A light-chasing, garden-growing, bread n butter-loving daydreamer

Hello, my name is Krista.

Whether through words, a camera, or my paintbrush, I seek to tell the beautiful stories of people and nature. I love love, am gobsmacked everyday by the quiet magnificence of the Earth, and am endlessly inspired by people and the lives they lead.

I grew here up on Hilton Head Island, SC and my soul craves the cadence it keeps with the sea. It's an enchanting place, this Island, and I feel like the luckiest woman alive to live here and photograph the travelers who visit.

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The Loves of My Life

Hilton Head beach photographer, Krista Ercin-Maurer, poses with husband on rooftop.


In 2015, I set a goal to go on 50 dates. To that end, I created a spreadsheet, listed my profile on four dating sites, and committed myself to spending one hour every day contacting, responding to, or meeting men. As I approached the halfway point, Date No. 22 (a Turkish man named Erman) caught me completely off guard with his adorable accent, guileless sincerity, and refreshing honesty. He quickly filled my calendar with Dates 23-50, proposed the following year, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Hilton Head wedding photographer, Krista Ercin-Maurer's puppy Annie.


A central part of my story are the experiences and grief I carry from infertility and three failed adoptions. Enter, our mini goldendoodle Annie. She is my perfect consolation prize--a shagalicious ball of fluff, named after Anne of Green Gables. She loves squirrels, snuggling, and spinach, follows me everywhere, and finds herself endlessly tormented by the Amazon delivery humans. Adoringly referred to as "Annie Pot Pie," our very good girl is a total lover and the extra heartbeat we needed in our home.

Art supplies belonging to Hilton Head family photographer, Krista Ercin-Maurer.


There are a few scents that send me into ecstasy--gardenias, sliced oranges, South Carolina marshes after rain, damp mossy forests of the PNW, and an art store chock-full of pencils, paper, paint, and those little gray kneaded erasers. Heaven. As a child, art was my "thing" and, like the ocean, it has always been a healing place for me. Drawing and painting centers my racing mind, focuses my breath, and allows me to multiply myself as I send the colors of my heart into the world like leaves on the wind.

My Photography

My voyage into photography began 15 years ago when I became creative director at a Grammy-winning record label, designing concepts, locations, & wardrobe for album & artist photo shoots. I learned from the best photographers on location & before stepping behind the camera. As soon as I clicked the shutter, I was hooked & Island Belle Photo was born.

Since then I've photographed weddings, families, & events from South Carolina to San Francisco, documenting unforgettable moments with artistry & care.

The Experience

A Few More of My Favorite Things:

  1. Scarves, the very best accessory
  2. All the shades of blue
  3. Being bathed at a hamam by a Turkish grandma
  4. Collecting feathers
  5. Iced chai lattes (extra chai, please)
  6. Meditating on the beach at sunrise
  7. Sending/receiving handwritten notes in the mail
  8. Trees
  9. Examining faith, religion, and world history
  10. Durrells in Corfu and Korean dramas on TV

Hilton Head photographer, Krista Ercin-Maurer is photographed with her nieces, nephews, and stepson.

Oh, and my family calls me Kisser.

As my oldest niece learned to speak, she pronounced Krista, "Kisser." It stuck.

Now my nieces, nephews, stepson, sisters, and parents all call me Kisser.

And what can I say? I do love a good smooch.

Oh, and my family calls me Kisser.

As my oldest niece learned to speak, she pronounced Krista, "Kisser." It stuck.

Now my nieces, nephews, stepson, sisters, and parents all call me Kisser.

And what can I say? I do love a good smooch.


Kind Words from My Clients


"Krista took our wedding and reception photos and they turned out soooo beautiful!!!! She was very organized when it came to the family photos after the ceremony so everyone knew what to do and which picture to hop into. She captured all our wonderful memories from that day and I treasure those photos!"


"I love all our photos! I can't stop looking at them!"


"We love the pictures Krista took and loved working with her! Not only are her pictures beautiful (she captured some AMAZING shots despite our crazy boys!), but she was so accommodating and sweet."